Industrial, Marine & Offshore Supplies

We deal with Export and Import of all quality products.

Marine equipement

Marine Equipment

  • All types of chemicals for marine application. Brand UNITOR, NALFLEET and other reputed brands.

  • Safety Shoes, Helmet, Masks, Gloves, Coverall, IMO Safety signs, Safety Posters, Tapes, Safety Ropes and all related safety products.

  • Hoses for all applications, ball valves and gate valves.
    Hose nozzle/Couplings - NOR coupling/Storz Coupling/ Nakajima Coupling/BSS 336 Instantaneous Couplings (John Morris Coupling)

  • Refilling and Disposable cylinders for Refrigerant gas, Freon gas and all other regular and rare gases that are widely used in Marine applications.

  • High pressure welding Inverters, High pressure Cleaners etc.

    High pressure

    High Pressure Equipment

    • High Pressure Hoses
    • Charging Hose
    • Heavy Duty Hoses
    • Extreme High pressure Hose
    • Twin Hose
    • Gas Hose
    • Guardman Fire Hose
    • Martex Fire Hose
    • Flexible Hose
    Welding equipement

    Welding Equipments

    ‘Safety in Welding’ being the main goal we offer a wide range of quality electrodes for safe welding purposes.

    • Crack Detection Kit
    • Gas welding rods for mild steel & flux for Aluminium
    • Braze welding rods & flux for:
      • Joining, Surfacing, Cast Iron
    • Silver Brazing rods & fluxes for:
      • General use with AG-60 & AG-45
      • AG-60 on Yocalbro & aluminium bronezes
      • Soft Soldering tin
    • Rods & wire for:
      • Unalloyed, low alloyed steels, & Stainles steel
    • Wire, rod, & flux for:
      • YORCALBRO Brass, & Bronze
      • Cunifer, Aluminium

    Electrodes for:

    • Unalloyed steels
    • Low alloyed steels
    • Weather resistant low alloyed steels
    • High & low temperature Steel
    • Pickling paste for stainless steels
    • Difficult to weld steel
    • Wear Resistant Overlays
    • Cast iron
    • Copper, Brass, Bronze & Aluminium
    Cylinder and Gases

    Cylinders & Gases

    A wide range of technical & marine gases. Span gas, Nitrogen & Argon gas. Refiling cylinders as well as disposables cylinders. Safe distribution of all gases.

    A few of our widely distributed gas includes:

    • R-22 57 KG
    • R-134A 57 KG
    • R-401A 57 KG
    • R-417A 57 KG
    • R-404A 45 KG
    • R-507 45 KG
    • R-407C - 45-51KG
    • Oxygen Cylinder - 40KG
    • Acetylene Cylinder - 40KG
    • Argon Cylinder - 50KG
    Building Materials and hand tools

    Building Materials & Hand Tools

    Wide range of quality hand tools includes:

    • Sockets & Accessories
    • Impact Sockets & Accessories
    • Spanners
    • Adjustable Wrenches
    • Torque Wrenches
    • Screwdrivers
    • Hexagon Keys & Bits
    • Pliers
    • Hammers
    • Miscellaneous
    • Non-Sparking Tools
    • Non sparking/Anti Sparking/ Beryllium- USA
    • FRC/Aluminium/Bronze- Spain

    Welcome to Alexa

    Industrial, Marine & Offshore/Onshore Supplies

    What we are all about.

    Established in 2007, Alexa is an indisputable pioneer in Safety and Welding products,Supplier for Offshore/Marine/Industrial sectors in UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain.

    ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 certified, we are dedicated to provide excellent and reliable services to our customers 24x7 thorough out the year.

    Marine Equipement 99%
    Safety Products 92%
    Hand Tools 52%
    Building Materials77%

    About us

    ‘Valuing Money is Valuing Time’ keeping this in mind Alexa Team members are always dedicated in providing the Goods and Services at the right time at the right place. Customer satisfaction in both our products and services is inevitable and we constantly strive to maintain the same.

    We deal in quality BRANDS as-

  • UNITOR- Norway
  • EVAL- Greece
  • Our Vision

    To become the Premier and most reliable name in the competitive market. To become the Leader in Marine /Off-Shore /On-Shore Industrial sectors.

    Our Mission

    Providing effective, valuable and comprehensive sales service. Delivering customer-oriented advantages through our reliable safety solutions. Promoting public awareness of work safety in socially-responsible ways.

    Our Principles

    To gain Customers' satisfaction by proving our responsibility, reliability and promptness. Also with environmental friendly products. To supply superior-quality safety products for a broad range of applications in Ships, deck stores as per (Impa/Essa/Rsa).